New My Singing Monsters Toys Sing Together in Perfect Harmony

My Singing Monster Series 1 Toys Review

If your kids have stolen your tablet or phone to play their favorite game, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the game My Singing Monsters. Individually the monsters are adorable and they sing one note or beat repeatedly, but together when done right they can sing a fun song together making music as they go.

With the games popularity, there were going to be some adorable toys that your kids are going to want and can get of their favorite characters. And Playmonster sent us the new series of toys that not only are cute – but actually work together to sing. The series one set of the toys include Maw, Furncorn, Entbrat, Mammot, Toe Jammer and Noggin – who all sing their own beat and have their own voice similar to the one in the game. Each comes with their own accessories and together get ready for some musical fun.

When you first get your new My Singing Monster toys, they are in Demo mode and you can either disable this or turn them off completely. Each monster has a button to activate their song on their own, and the one and off switch. If you have them switched to “on” and another monster starts singing near them, they will detect it and start to sing along as well.

The My Singing Monsters Series 1 toy are not only cute, but fun that they can detect and interact with each each other. The switch on the back will give you the flexibility of letting them sing when you want and control when they are in play.

The monsters are cute and while we’re sure that each child has their favorite character, you almost need to get at least two so they have someone to sing along with. Get your favorite My Singing Monster to create your own song and sing along with them so you feel the beat. Each My Singing Monster toy does come with a digital code for online play and more fun!

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