New MacBook 2021 Pro Series: is it worth buying this year?

In 2021 we are still in the middle of the global pandemic, and many of us need a perfect home office to continue remote working, which is probably a new reality for many professions.

For this reason, many of us are now in the process of choosing the new home electronics, and laptops are surely on the top of most lists.

And if you are faced with the dilemma of whether you need to buy a new MacBook Pro from 2021, or you can choose an older and cheaper 2020 version, we are here to help you. Let’s look at what’s new in MacBook Pro 2021 and whether it is worth spending your money on it!

M-series chips

What is absolutely fabulous in the MacBook Pro 2021 version is that Apple introduced a new and improved M1 chip powered by Apple. Earlier Macs had Intel chips, and the first chip in the M1 line was integrated into Apple devices last year.

The new life for Apple products with an M1 Apple chip means a lot of things for the users. Firstly, the company now has a lot more independence in the design of the laptops’ and iMacs’ hardware, so we will probably see drastic changes with CPU and OS in future models.

Secondly, even though the first wave of M1 chips in Apple laptops was in last year’s models, 2021 Pro laptops got much more powerful versions than the 2020 laptops. These new chips in MacBook Pro make this machine suitable for the whole range of professionals because they now absolutely deserve their Pro name.

Wider gap between the Air and Pro models

In the previous 2020 MacBook generation, the gap between Air and Pro versions was less visible because both of them used M1 Apple chips and the Pro version only had an extra GPU core. Was the 2020 MacBook Air laptop almost identical to a Pro version? In our opinion: yes, and we do not think that the 2020 Pro Mac is worth its $300 price difference.

However, in 2021 the much more interesting things are going on. Apple added new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips to its Pro laptops with more GPU cores. The 14-inch version gets from 14 and up to 32 cores, and the 16-inch version starts from 16 and up to 32 GPU cores as well.

These are much more powerful machines compared to 7 cores of MacBook Air 2020 and 8 cores of MacBook Pro 2020.

Also, in 2020 Air and Pro MacBooks had the same screen resolution of 2,560×1,600 pixels, but the new 2021 Pros have 3,024×1,964 pixels and 3,456×2,234 pixels screen resolution, respectively. A pretty big change, if you ask us.

Another new thing that came in the new Pros is the return of HDMI and SDXC card ports and the addition of one extra Thunderbolt USB-C (making it three in every Pro, compared to two in the 2020 laptops). It also caused these laptops to put on a little extra weight, but the professional size is worth being a little bit bulkier than we are used to.

And the last huge change in this year’s Pros is RAM: it has doubled since last year. The 2020 Air and Pro both have 8GB starting RAM, and the 2021 Pro laptops have 16GB on start.

Brand-new screen size

Two new models of MacBooks Pro were introduced in the new screen sizes. We’ve got the Pro version MacBook 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The 2020 versions of MacBook Pro and Air were only 13 inches in size, so even a 14-inch release is a whole step forward for the Pro series.

It is now easier for designers to work in Photoshop, developers to work with code, and editors can have the most demanding software on a wider screen.

New laptops have a very good 1080p webcam that has a much better resolution and quality of the video than the 720p camera in the 2020 laptops (Air and Pro had the same camera). And now the question “how to screen record on a laptop with high resolution?” is off the charts because Apple took care of all your needs.


MacBook Pro 2021 is a powerful enough machine to fit every need of a regular user, professional designer, or software developer.

Do we recommend buying MacBook Pro circa 2021: sure! It is an amazing and valuable tool that is a target for thieves, so be careful with your Mac on travels. If you have resources, you will be very pleased with this laptop and will not regret a penny spent on it.

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