pbs kids movies kids will love

New Animated Collections from PBS Your Kids Will Love

pbs kids movies kids will love

Over the years, PBS and PBS Kids has created shows that generations of kids have grown up with. We tune in to these shows with the trust that our kids will enjoy them but also learn while watching. From basic language skills, math, sharing, caring and diversity – PBS Kids shows are great for young kids to watch and enjoy. We love the different series from Nature Cat, Super Why, Odd Squad and Pinkalicious. And this month PBS Kids has released some great new collections from the shows we love.

Besides being shows your kids will be asking to watch over and over again, we always love the price point of these DVDs coming in well under $10 each. Grab one, grab a few and have their favorite shows on hand when they want.


PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC: BEST PINK PRESENT,” from the PBS KIDS series PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC®. In the four episodes on this new DVD, Pinkalicious and her brother Peter celebrate different events that are happening in Pinkville. From making Daddy the perfect wrapping paper to creating the best way to celebrate everything with the Celebrator – it’s hard not to get “wrapped up” in the Pinkville festivities!

PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC: BEST PINK PRESENT” has a run time of approximately 40 minutes. Episodes of PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC are also available for digital download.

The four stories on this DVD include:

  • BEST PINK PRESENT  It’s Daddy’s birthday and Pinkalicious wants to get him the most pinkatastic gift ever! Every pinkaperfect gift deserves the most pinkamazing wrapping but Pinkalicious gets a bit carried away. By the time Daddy gets home, Pinkalicious has the perfect paper but not gift…or so she thinks!
  • THE CELEBRATOR Pinkville’s birthday is coming up, and Mommy has made a pinkaperfect invention for the occasion – the Celebrator! It’s so much fun to use that Pinkalicious can’t stop celebrating – every little thing. Is there such a thing as too much celebrating?
  • PLANTASTICALLY PINK Pinkalicious plants the seed of the pinkest, most beautiful flower in the whole world: the Pinkabloom. She soon learns that the only way to make it grow is by singing to it. But can Pinkalicious sing long enough for the flower to bloom?
  • THE GLITTERIZER Pinkalicious and Peter get to test Mommy’s latest invention: the Glitterizer, a machine that can cover anything you’d like in glitter! Pinkalicious is eager to share the sparkly creations with everyone by glitterizing things for their friends around Pinkville. But not everyone seems to love glitter as much as Pinkalicious….

In PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC® children join Pinkalicious and her brother Peter on adventures in the arts, creativity and self-expression. Pinkalicious imagines creative possibilities everywhere she looks. She is an artist at heart and, like most creative people, she sees the world different from others. She knows what she likes, and she’s not afraid to express herself – though she sometimes needs help from her brother, Peter, and her neighborhood friends.

Super Why

SUPER WHY!: THE ADVENTURES OF LITTLE BO PEEP AND HER SHEEP.” Kids will learn how to work together and solve problems in two adventures with the Super Readers.

SUPER WHY!: THE ADVENTURES OF LITTLE BO PEEP AND HER SHEEP” has a run time of approximately 46 minutes. Episodes of Super Why! are also available for digital download.

Episodes on this DVD include:

  • LITTLE BO PEEP Mr. Lizard is lost and Whyatt doesn’t know where to find him. The Super Readers come to the rescue when they meet Little Bo Peep, who’s hot on the trail of her lost sheep. The Super Readers don’t miss a clue in their quest for the missing animals.
  • THE SHEEP WHO LOST LITTLE BO PEEP Whyatt has a playdate with Wolfy, but can’t find him anywhere. The Super Readers jump into The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo Peep where they meet two silly little sheep who can’t find their Bo Peep. They learn to stay in one place to find each other.

SUPER WHY! helps kids learn the fundamentals of reading through interactive storybook adventures. The program features a team of superhero characters with reading powers who jump into books to find answers to everyday preschool challenges. SUPER WHY! airs weekdays on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

Nature Cat

NATURE CAT: WINTER DANCE PARTY”, a new DVD from the PBS KIDS series, NATURE CAT. In four action-packed adventures, Nature Cat and his friends take on winter. From a dance party on the shortest day of the year to ice skating and ski jumping, these episodes will have children anticipating the first falling snowflakes.

NATURE CAT: WINTER DANCE PARTY”  has a run time of approximately 80 minutes. Episodes of NATURE CAT are also available for digital download.

The four stories on this DVD include:

  • WINTER DANCE PARTY – Today is the Winter Solstice! It’s the shortest day of the year. Daisy’s family always celebrates the return of longer days with the Winter Solstice Dance Party, but there’s one slight problem. Daisy forgot to get ready for the party and there’s so much to do and so little time to do it! Will Daisy get the party ready for the Bunny Family to celebrate the Winter Solstice?!
  • ICE IS NICE – A fun-filled day of ice skating takes a turn when Nature Cat’s beloved hot cocoa Hug Mug mysteriously breaks. But wait…Ronald’s favorite Bug Mug breaks too. Who would want to break not one, but TWO mugs? Hal thinks there is a mug breaker around! Will the gang track down the Mug Breaker?
  • A JUMP TO REMEMBER Nature Cat has been trying to get into the Animal Book of World Records forever, and it looks like he is down to his last chance as he tries to be the champion animal snow ski jumper. But there is just one slight problem: there is no snow on the ground on this winter’s day! He can’t snow ski jump without snow! When all seems lost, and Nature Cat’s dream seems dashed, the gang has an idea – is it possible to actually create their own snow? Tally ho!
  •  THE GROUNDHOG WAY It’s Groundhog Day! Today the Groundhog should tell our pals if Spring will come early or if Winter will stay around longer. But the Groundhog has a different plan this year, do nothing! He is not going to come out of his burrow to make a weather prediction! Oh no! Why? Because in the last ten years he’s been right only five times. He can’t stand the pressure and thinks it’s time for someone else to do his job. Without the Groundhog, how will anyone know if spring will come early this year? It’s up to Nature Cat to save the day, to fill in for the Groundhog and make his very own weather prediction! Wait, how is he going to do that? 

In NATURE CAT children follow Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. Once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat “a backyard explorer extraordinaire!”

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