Never Spill Your Drink Again with the Help of the Mighty Mug

mighty mug review

mighty mug reviewI’m a klutz in the kitchen and tend to spill all over myself all the time. I’m one of those people you’ll rarely see wearing white because I will spill all over myself. But add klutziness with technology and it’s not a good equation. I’m a huge fan of spill proof mugs for this reason, and new to the scene is the Mighty Mug – a mug that claims it wont fall over.

mighty mug reviewMighty Mug sent me one of their personal mugs to try out. The BPA free plastic mug looks simple in design on first glance, but really it has a lot of technology built into it to help keep you spill free. The exterior of the mug has a line where the top half and secure bottom half separate and this line is key. If you try to lift the Mighty Mug from below the line, it will stay secure on the surface you set it on, but if you lift above the line – it lifts with easy. The Mighty Mug has a Smartgrip Technology base that actually holds tight onto any smooth surface and provides a tip-free drinking experience. The top of the mug is simple and has a clickable drinking spout that keeps dirt and dust out of your drink while traveling, and makes it easy to take with you on the go.

mighty mug reviewInside the instructions for your Mighty Mug, it says that you’re not suppose to push or punch the Mighty Mug because it will damage the Smartgrip base. While I didn’t do either of those, I did want to test and see how much pressure it would take to make the mug fall over (I did this so you don’t have to!) and used all of my force to try to get the mug to fall over. I could actually feel the mug fighting against me and it took almost all of my strength to get the mug to actually fall. This means that I can set the mug on the table and I know one of the cats wont smack it down, or a kid wont tip it down when I’m not drinking.

mighty mug reviewWhile I do love the idea of the Mighty Mug, I would love to see it with a few more features like a leak proof lid. Don’t think about shaking your drinks up in your mighty mug- you will get dribbled on (especially don’t try if it’s a hot drink!) Also, once your hot drink is inside the Mighty Mug is inside the mug you’re suppose to wait 30 seconds before closing the mug lid. This may not be a problem since we tend to add sugar or milk, but there are days that those 30 seconds could make your day easier. A thermal lining to keep your drink hotter (or colder) longer would also be a great addition to the Mighty Mug.

With all that being said, the Mighty Mug does what it says and does not fall over when bumped or even pulled. It does help reduce the amounts of spills I’ve had and does make life a bit easier. The size is perfect for a small coffee in the morning, I would just suggest not using a coaster since that will tip and take your mug with you if bumped. The Mighty Mug is perfect for taking to work and using at your desk since you don’t have to worry about spilling on your laptops or keyboards. It’s the perfect idea for the klutz in your life.


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