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best buy fast charge samsung

best buy fast charge samsung
Like most people, you’re probably attached to your phone. When the battery goes out, it’s like you’re missing part of yourself. It’s your way to stay connected to your friends, your family and even the news. It’s amazing how dependent we are on our phones, and how quickly the batteries seem to run down – just when we don’t want it to. And if you’re like me, the alternative is to keep a pile of charging blocks in your bag or purse to make sure you can stay connected.

Whenever we get a new phone, they come with a cable and charger in the box. For years, I always stuck directly with that as my charging “go to” since it surely had to had to be the best way to get the best charge for my device. But as soon as I got my latest phone last spring – I left the charger in the box. And it’s still there! Why? Because I’ve moved past my earlier ideas that that was the best way to charge my phone, instead I’ve looked for better ways to quickly charge my phone when I’m at home or at work, that aren’t the same ol’ traditional charger.

We’ve all heard of power blocks to charge our phone and since I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, I started looking for alternative chargers like Samsung Portable batteries and I instantly fell in love with new ways to charge my phone -without being connected to the wall! That means these batteries can charge my phone while I’m on the go, or can travel with me.

best buy fast charge samsungSamsung offers fast chargers that actually charge your phone or tablet up to 1.4 times faster. If your device is equipped with wireless charging (Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge+ and later models – fast-speed charging; Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, Qi-enabled devices – standard-speed charging) all you have to do is set your phone on the device and it will charge as your device sits there. As long as your device is on the pad, it will charge. But keep in mind that if you pick it up to check your messages charging will stop and you will have to set it down to get the charge to start again.

If your device doesn’t have wireless charging, or you aren’t a fan of a charging dock and need a more mobile solution Samsung does offer portable batteries. Connect with your favorite cord, and stay connected while you’re talking, playing online and texting your friends. Keep working, and stay charged as you go. The best part? The wireless charging block works on all phones, not just Samsung devices!

There are so many new ways to charge your phone that you don’t need to rely on the cord and charger that came with your device. If you’re looking for great alternative ways to charge your phones, be sure to stop into Best Buy (or visit online) until November 4th to save 20% on Samsung Charging devices.


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