Never Be Stuck With Low Tires with A Portable Tire Pump

PI Auto Store Portable Tire Pump Review

PI Auto Store Portable Tire Pump Review

We’ve all been there, our tires are getting to the end of their life but it’s not quiet in our budget to replace them yet. We know where the gas station near us with a pump is but if you’re traveling and your tires are low – what do you do? You could risk driving on your tires low pressure, but it’s better to get it taken care of right away.

PI Auto Store Portable Tire Pump ReviewIf you’re like me, you may have an older car which doesn’t have a digital tire gauge built in, but I do keep an eye on them by checking the pressure every couple of weeks to make sure we’re good to go. Since I have an older model vehicle, I keep a road kit in the car at all time just in case something happens, but other than a manual tire gauge in there if I get a flat. Yes, I have road side assistance but whatever gets me back on the road quicker is what I prefer.

PI Auto Store Portable Tire Pump ReviewThis year, I’m adding a Portable Digital Auto Tire Inflator from P.I. Auto Store to help us while traveling. It not only works for cars but can be used for Bicycle, Motorbike, RV, SUV, ATV (Not for Trucks). Also, Sports Equipment and inflatables (adaptors included).It includes super bright 8x LEDs have 3 settings – standard flashlight, flashing red, and emergency SOS. lug into your 12 Volt cigarette lighter socket or other 12 V outlet. Easily set pressure on the NEW fantastic backlit LCD display gauge, connect to tire valve with the NEW quick connector. Microprocessor monitors tire pressure and will automatically stop at your set pressure +/- 1Psi at 35 Psi. This removes the need to keep checking the pressure and avoids over inflation. It can be used to get you back on the road or to keep you safe while you are waiting for help. 

PI Auto Store Portable Tire Pump ReviewThere are a lot of different things you need to keep with you when you’re on the road, and I never thought that taking a tire pump with you would be so easy. We love the smalls size that easily sits in under the passenger seat and the way it checks our pressure for us – no need for extra tools. And we know each time we’ll have the perfect fill without putting too much pressure in our tires. And as an added bonus, everything fits in a small carrying case neatly and can be taken anywhere you need it.

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