Nerdy Gift Ideas to Fuel Their Fandom

Jurassic Park Chess Set Review

Sometime in the past decade, being a nerd became cool. People are indulging in their fandoms and more often than not you’ll see someone wearing their favorite characters on their clothes – no matter their age. But what about if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone and you think they have it all already? Not to worry, there are some great new items that have hit the shelves that your friends and family will absolutely love.

Add some Dino Fun to Your Chess Game

It doesn’t matter if you know how to play chess or not – the Jurassic Park Chess set is a must-have, and will make you want to learn how to play chess! Complete with 32 finely sculpted game pieces and a full graphic chessboard, this chess set will transport you right into the island where dinosaurs roam the earth! The set features Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, and Pteranodon as chess pieces. The pieces are made of rubbery plastic, so they won’t get hurt if you play with them between turns. Part collector piece, but begging to be played – this game set is going to be one that they’re going to want to have for the game shelf!

Bring Home Your Favorite Space Jam Characters

Space Jam A New Legacy Action Figure

If you’ve seen the new Space Jam: A New Legacy, you know that the movie is a feast for your eyes. It almost is a where’s Waldo of every franchise that Warner Brothers has ever had and every character is hidden somewhere in the background. It’s almost like they tried to out Easter Egg Ready Player One. But just like the original Space Jam movie, fans love the characters involved. Including the introduction of Lebron James into the franchise. If you’re a fan of his in sports or in the film, the new BendyFigs version of him in the cartoon version is pretty awesome. You can even get your favorite Looney Tunes as well!

Being Magic has Never Been This Easy

A little bit of magic, and a little bit of technology – the Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak is something we all want and dream of. With the companion app, the Wow Invisibility Cloak is pretty easy to use once you get used to it. The exterior is made to match the one from the films and the inside uses green screen technology to create some pretty amazing effects. While Harry Potter fans are always going to want to experience the magic of the films- the cloak is one of the closest things you can get at home at this point!

Sprinkle Some Pixie Dust on Game Night

It's a Small World Board Game Review

We’ve all been craving time at the Disney parks over the last year. And it doesn’t matter which one you visit, it’s tradition to head over to and ride It’s a Small World. Thankfully, even if you can’t get to the parks yet, there is a fun way you can bring the parks into your family game night. Yes, Funko has created an It’s a Small World board game, and it’s just as cute as you’d expect! The game includes a 3D game board centerpiece with beautifully illustrated scenes from the classic Disney attraction, and 80 unique picture cards featuring joyful children and whimsical animals from around the globe. You get to collect cards and follow the waterway in your team’s boat and match your picture cards to the scenes as you journey from room to room. Great for kids and fans of the ride – it’s one you’ll love to add to your game night rotation.

Add your Favorite Bad Guys to Your Shelves

Birds of Prey Action Figure

If you’re a fan of the new DC Universe or the old school DC Comics – You can get your favorite comic characters come to life in the new BendyFigs collections. From The Joker that is straight off the pages of your favorite comic or even the cartoon you may have grown up with and Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey or even the new version of The Suicide Squad. The fan-favorite characters include all of the bad guys and even the good guys from the DC franchises. They even come with their iconic weapon or armor of choice and a base that highlights their notable titles as well. We expect to see a lot of these hanging out on shelves in the near future!


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