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Need For Speed – Fast Pace and Fun Movie Now in Theaters!

Need for Speed Movie Detroit

I’ve never been a fan of the racing movies. There is a lot of fast scenes, some pretty hot cars and of course nice looking guys. But the stories always seem lacking to me. Earlier this week I was sent to the preview of Need for Speed, and I have to say I actually enjoyed the movie. Not only was there a decent story, but the scenery (in every sense of the word) was enjoyable.

Need for Speed is the story of Tobey Marshall, a small town guy from New York who’s major thrill in life is to drive fast. Despite what life, and a few jerks throw at him, he’s on the fast road to right wrongs and to win De Leon, an exclusive race. The movie does have a couple slow spots in the very beginning, but as it progresses it moves a lot faster and provides a high octane adventure across the country.

Marshall and his crew start in New York, but have to make it to the De Leon race in California. On the way they make a stop to get one of their crew members in – Detroit! The best part about this part of the movie, unlike other recent releases that are based in Detroit – Need for Speed actually filmed here. Watch as they race around Campus Martius Park downtown, down Jefferson and past local land marks. Not only is the movie full of local shots, but it’s also full of cars from the Big Three.

If you’re a fan of racing movies, or fast cars, or even good looking guys – check out Need for Speed in a Theater near you!  You can even check out a feature on the guys from the movie below:

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  1. I liked the movie a lot as well, my review is up today :). Some people are calling it a bit cliche but I thought the driving and racing scenes, especially in 3D, were fantastic.

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