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Nature-Cide – Product Review and Giveaway! 

Over the past year or so you’ve heard me talk about all natural cleaners, DIY tips and more. You may have even seen me complain about the bug problem in our house… Nothing I had tried had stopped the ants in our house!
Our house is over 70 years old, and in the past 6 years while I’ve lived here, it’s been a constant battle with ants as soon as the snow is gone. I am constantly doing dishes, bleaching counters and putting down “sure fire ant killers” that do nothing at all against the ants.

Recently I was sent a package of natural pest killers from Nature-Cide. They offer a line of pest killers that vary from bed bug spray, outside pest spray and inside bug sprays. I have tried chemical and “natural cures” – I was a bit skeptical about how a chemical free bug spray would work.

The instructions on the bottle say to spray where the bugs come in and back to the nest (if it’s possible to track it back there). I had recently re-organized the kitchen, since I had assumed – wrongly – where the ants were coming in. In the past I had figured they came in through the cupboards in the south east corner of the kitchen, since I always caught them on my counters and in the cupboard. I had removed the food from any of these cupboards, which did reduce the ants in the cupboards. But not on the counter.

With a little more tracking, I found that the ants were actually coming in through the small cupboard around the old milk-chute. They crawled in from outside, through the cupboard and in through a small crack over the wainscoting. This leads them right to the trash can and to the counter tops.

I sprayed the Nature-Cide Ant spray in that corner behind the trash and all over the trash can. I had made sure the counters were bleached and dishes done before doing anything else. Any ants that were near the trash can ran away. Later that evening I was happy to see there wasn’t an ant in sight!

Now this only lasted a day or two, we had a resurgence of ants in our kitchen a couple days later. They seemed to have come back with a vengeance. I continued to fight against them and after a few applications they stayed away. We do have a couple that seem to come out every few days or so, but one spray of the ant spray and they’re gone.

Not only am I pleased with how the product is working – I’m extremely happy it’s chemical free. It’s safe around your kids and pets. I love that I’m not adding more chemicals to our house!

Nature-Cide is giving away some of their great Ant Spray to one of my lucky readers. In order to win you have to enter using the form below. The mandatory entry is to leave a comment on this blog post, telling me what you have used against pest in your house before. Remember you have to do this entry in order to win!

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19 thoughts on “Nature-Cide – Product Review and Giveaway! 

  1. I have tried using cayenne pepper, vinegar, citonella essential oil, dish wading soap and various green cleaners. I wash floors constantly too.

  2. I have used all sorts of stuff to repel bugs. I even put fungicide on the floor in desperation.

  3. I’ve tried cleanliness the most, and that doesn’t always work! SO I’ve tried all sorts of bug b gone products, from different makers and well… notso much luck..

  4. We also have an old house, it was built in 1860 and the ants just love it here.
    We have used all kids of stuff, from boric acid, raid, those little bate traps, some weird sticky food stuff and the sprays that you use a hose for.. they never die!

  5. Sounds fantastic. I have the same problem in my apartment, and nothing I do seems to solve the problem.

  6. i’ve tried everything. they never go away I have got them down to a few strays though but it is with something htat isn’t very good for my animals.

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