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Natural House Product Review & Giveaway! @NaturalHousePro

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I had the opportunity to review some great natural products from Natural House. This was perfect timing since I’m still finishing up the great “house reorganization and cleaning project”. I’m all about natural food projects and keeping as few chemicals out of our lives as possible so this was a great chance to try natural product!

I was provided a months worth products to try from Natural House – including their products Flushy, Trashy and Sinky. Not only did they have cute names, I loved the packaging and the graphics of the little pro-biotics eating the dirt and grime away!

Natural House

So what about the products? I can’t just tell you about the cute packaging right?

I was shocked at first at how small one months supply of the products were. They’ve set it so you only have to use it once a week, so you really don’t need a lot!


I loved how easy  it was to use the products. You just take the Sinky packet and put it in the drain and run hot water over it for 5-10 seconds. That’s it! You’ve released the hard working probiotic guys and they’re off to clean your pipes and crunch away any food and blockages. Super easy and since they’re in a little dissolveable packets you don’t actually touch the probiotic cleaners!

My favorite product of all three of them is Trashy! You take the trash out and spray down the inside of the trash can, instantly your can smells like lovely wintergreen mint! Once it’s dry you place a new bag in and it helps get all of the dirt and grime and the nasty trash smells that are hard to get out! You don’t have to buy scented trashed bags to cover the trash smell that crops up, instead the little pro-biotic guys work for you!

I love that the product is natural, chemical free and helps keep the house clean! Natural House  is allowing me to do a giveaway to one of my lucky fans for a one month supply of the products! Make sure you ENTER TO WIN! 






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40 thoughts on “Natural House Product Review & Giveaway! @NaturalHousePro

  1. Seems like a great natural solution for house cleaning. Would love to try and thanks for taking the time to review this product for us.

  2. These products sound great! I have all the toxins in traditional cleaning solutions….and these have neat names to boot 🙂

  3. I get made fun of for getting excited over cleaning products, lol. I as well have never heard of this brand, but am now croaking to try it!~~ Thanks for the chance!

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