It’s National Bubble Week! Time to Break Out the Bubble Machine!

National Bubble Week

National Bubble WeekDid you know it’s National Bubble Week? In our family bubbles are a staple of summer and usually the first sign of spring. It doesn’t matter how old you are – bubbles are just a lot of fun. So to celebrate National Bubble Week, we were sent a Gazillion Bubbles Machine to play with and celebrate.

Gazillion Bubbles Machine ReviewThis weekend, the temperatures finally have started to warm up, and the mounds of snow around here have started to melt away. We can finally see the grass outside and everyone is excited to get outside and play. The yard is a little wet still but our patio is a great place to kick off spring and break out the bubbles!

Compared to other bubble machines, the Gazillion Bubble Monsoon Machine is very light weight. There aren’t any cords required so it’s easy to move around where ever you want bubbles at your party or just in your yard. The top has a rotating wheel of bubble wands that make all of the bubbles and blow them directly up in the air. It also has a drip spot to catch the extra solution in the base, and has an easy pour lip so you can reuse your bubbles for your next party. The bubble machine is powered by 8 AA batteries, which may seem like a lot, but they should last all summer long, depending how many bubbles you need or want.

Gazillion Bubbles ReviewMany other bubble machines have you pour the solution in a reservoir, the Gazillion Bubbles Monsoon machine has a special cap that fits on standard bottles. It has a pressure lid that is pushed when you put it in the shoot to release the bubble solution. The bubble solution is put into two different reservoirs so that the wands pick it up as they go around and you get bubbles out of every side.  We loved how easy it was to use the Monsoon bubble machine, just push the soft button on the front and the motor will start. And if you want to limit your bubbles you can only pour in a bit of the solution on the side to use just want you want.

Gazillion Bubbles ReviewWith the snow melting and the sun shining, it was the perfect time to take the Monsoon outside and start blowing bubbles. With one push of the button, bubbles started flying out of the top of the Gazillion Monsoon Bubble machine. The wind caught the bubbles and instantly started throwing them all around our patio and into the neighbors yard. The amount of bubbles coming out was amazing, and much more than we could blow by ourselves.

The best part about bubbles of course is they are fun for all ages, and something that you can enjoy all year round. National Bubbles Week is only March 8th-14th but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate year round. And even if the snow drops, don’t worry – bubbles will still form and can actually create some pretty awesome results!



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