My Tree is an Eye-Opening Look at the Cost of a Gift

My Tree Movie Review

A gift is something that is supposed to come with nothing attached to it, but in My Tree, we find out that even the best intentions sometimes have a cost and more than anyone anticipated.

My Tree follows Jason Sherman as he goes on a quest to find the tree that he was given to him at his bar mitzvah. While he thinks the journey should be pretty easy, even before he heads to Isreal, he finds out that even finding where the tree might be planted isn’t as cut and dry as he thought. But the tree’s location isn’t the hardest part of the journey to uncover.

For decades giving a tree or planting a tree in Isreal has been a gift given to Jewish people on special occasions, and part of the tradition of many moments. But My Tree looks deeper into the practice, how it began, and what ramifications these trees and gifts actually have on the area and the campaign on the community.

As Jason tries to find his tree, he uncovers more than he expected and he begins to question everything he was taught growing up, and if the gift of his tree made him part of crimes against others. The documentary is eye-opening, and educational and will make viewers question what they were taught about the practice of planting a tree in Isreal for others.

While this documentary may not be for everyone, it may ruffle some feathers in some communities – the footage and non-bias documentation of what is actually happening will make you question what else you may not have been told along the way. My Tree will be released in limited theaters and Digital VOD on July 29th.

Overall Rating:

Four Star Review

MY TREE Official Trailer from Level 33 Entertainment on Vimeo.

About My Tree:

MY TREE follows Jason Sherman’s journey to find the tree that was planted in his name in Israel many years earlier. When he discovers that it stands on the remains of a Palestinian village that was destroyed in 1967, he embarks on another journey — to determine his responsibility in helping to cover up the destruction.


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