my spy birdhouse review

My Spy Birdhouse – For Our Little Ornithologist #christmascountdown

My Spy Birdhouse Review
We all see the commercials for As Seen on TV products, and there are some that the kids just need to have! Goonie loves birds, specifically birds of prey – but we all debated getting him a My Spy Birdhouse so he could watch some smaller birds in the safety of his playroom. We weren’t really going to encourage attracting birds of prey towards the house.
My Spy Birdhouse Review
When a My Spy Birdhouse came in for us to review we kept it quiet from him for a little while. But Goonie was more than excited to see it when we pulled it out.

The birdhouse is constructed of formed plastic and has a slide in Plexiglas sheet making it so you can see the birds on the inside. The opening to the birdhouse has a fitted ring to make sure there are smooth edges, and it is small enough to keep squirrels out. Under the entrance is a small perch that birds can use to sit there and get in and out of the bird house. The whole house is secured to your window with three suction cups. The house is lightweight enough that the three cups is enough to hold it to the window and light weight birds and nest should be fine inside. However, if the weight of the birds and nest worry you, I’d suggest making sure it’s in a place that the bird house could easily rest and the suction cups would be an additional security to hold it up.

My Spy Birdhouse Review

We put the birdhouse up in Goonie’s play room for two reasons – he’s in there less than the rest of the house, and his cat sleeps in his room. It would be the least disturbed room when birds decide to move in.

The My Spy Birdhouse also comes with a “two way mirror” that you place on your side of the window. The reflective sheeting shows the birds the image of themselves, but does not allow them to see inside the house. While from your side, you can easily see in the birdhouse without disturbing them. It should be noted however, that having the light on in your room, will make it so the birds can see in and they can potentially be scared away.

My Spy Birdhouse Review

Since we installed the My Spy Birdhouse later in the season, we’re pretty sure it wont have any birds move in right away. But with that being said, Goonie still likes to check it out and see if he has birds to watch yet. So far it has withstood the weather and hasn’t fallen off the playroom window. We will be taking it down this winter and re-installing it in the spring to see if we get any feathered friends.

The My Spy Birdhouse is only $14.99, so it’s not a huge cost for us to see if our little bird lover can watch birds while staying safe in our home. They come with an attachable bird feeder to help draw in shy birds like Cardinals to the house now too and keep them happy. It’s a great gift idea if you have a bird lover in your family!

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