My Secret Weapon Whenever I’m Traveling – The Dryel Pen

dryel pen review

dryel pen reviewWe all have our secret weapons we pack whenever we’re traveling or on the go – for me, mine is the Dryel Pen. It’s compact and small enough to fit in my purse but it helps fight some of the biggest messes I make – when I’m far from home or any way to wash my clothes. As a Dryel Ambassador this year, I was sent a few of the Dryel Pens to use and keep with me for when I need them the most – and as a messy person… that’s pretty much always!

dryel pen reviewThe Dryel Pen packs a lot of punch inside it’s small packaging. It has more than 2 times the amount of cleaner inside than the competitor and it has the cleaning power of Dryel that we have come to rely and depend on. The soft top is gentle on your clothing and the results are instant. As someone who spills all the time, but wants to look great – this is a needed tool! You just make sure there isn’t any solid food or stain still on your fabric, tab on the Dryel Pen and gently rub the stain away. It’s a gentle cleaner, but it does the job and it keeps the worst stains from setting while you’re on the go!

dryel pen reviewOne of my favorite uses for the Dryel Pen is to spot clean when I may have missed a spot on my work clothes. You never know when you are going to need to fight stains and I love having access to something that can help me on the go. Not only does it make it easier to keep myself looking presentable but the Dryel Pen keeps it so I catch stains faster and they don’t have time to set in my clothes. Every time I pack a bag, you’ll find a Dryel Pen inside ready to help me stay stain and worry free.


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