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behind the bloggerDo you remember when the term “nerd” was considered a bad thing? It still is by some people, but it’s a term I took pride in even very young. I’ve always been a bookworm and have loved to learn and find that it has only has grown as I’ve gotten older. Thankfully in recent years, there has become a surge of pride and acceptance in nerdiness, geekdom and different fandoms.

My Inner Nerd ranges from loving to watch food documentaries, to studying about new technology. While on the outside, and even on the blog you may see bits of my love for Disney, DreamWorks, Doctor Who, movies and even technology – you don’t know how far back it goes. As a child, our parents always encouraged us to read and to learn whatever interested us. That didn’t stop me from wanting to be both a ballerina and an astronaut as a child. I even wrote my first book when I was around six years old.

As I’ve grown older in my nerdiness, my book collection has grown – which is only a problem when we move, even though some have digital. But the books range from my childhood favorites to studies in science, architecture and even Shakespeare. And despite being in my thirties, my office is filled with my favorite characters and collectibles.

I’m happy that we can embrace our inner nerds now, and we’re happily living in our nerdiness in our home. The Geeks will inherit the Earth! What is your favorite nerdiness?
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