Must Have Summer Kitchen Appliances

Must Have Summer Kitchen Appliances

The sweltering summer days make us long for ice cold drinks and delicious ice creams. With such a unique range of summer kitchen appliances to choose from, there is no need to leave the house and venture out into the heat to find a snow cone anymore. Gadgets are available for you to prepare everything quickly and easily, ensuring your favorite summer treats are right at hand.

The snow cone machine

This delightful machine can churn out delicious, frosty, sweet snow cones for you to top with either syrup or fruit juice, saving a trip to the store to satisfy your cravings.

Make your own Snow Cones this summer!

The authentic southern sweet tea brewer

If you yearn for a taste of authentic iced sweet tea, then this machine can produce it in just 10 minutes, guaranteeing ice cold sweetness and a taste of the South.

Brew Your Own Tea!

The classic 1930’s Coca Cola ice chest

If you want to replicate the feel of the old drug store days, this chest is perfect to keep your cans cold in. It swivels around in the classic red coke color and holds 80 cans of your favorite beverage.

Get your Ice Chest Here

The rapid drink chiller

If you can’t quite run to a whole chest of cola, then this handy gadget will cool one can in just one minute, perfect for the times you’ve forgotten to stock the fridge up. It will also cool a bottle of wine in just 6 minutes and comes with a handy car charger for when you need to drive to the store to stock up with more cans of soda.

Have a chilled drink in no time!

The authentic soft serve ice cream maker

An ice cream maker is a must in the summer, as it enables you to have fresh ice cream of your choice on hand whenever you like, without worrying about it melting on the way home from the store. Often, home made ice cream makers can churn out solid hard ice cream, wasting valuable moments of indulgence time; but a soft serve ice cream maker eliminates that painful wait. In only 35 minutes, this gadget produces wonderful sorbets, ice creams or yogurts which you can add your own toppings to from the handy automated dispensers.

Make Soft Serve Ice Cream at Home

The home frappe machine

If you enjoy genuine Greek frappes, this is the machine for you. It produces the cold iced frothy coffee in only 3 minutes, for a real flavor of Greece.

These appealing summer kitchen appliances will add to your enjoyment of the time you spend relaxing at home in the heat of the summer, providing drinks and ices at the perfect temperatures.

Make your own fancy coffee drinks at home


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