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whale watching cape cod review

Growing up by water comes with some perks. You learn how to swim early, you have several memories that surround the beach and boating. But in the Midwest, our summers are often filled with fishing and enjoying the fresh water around us. When people tell us they’ve been whale watching, it sounds like something fantastic and something that we dream of doing.

The reality it – it is both of those things. We already have our sea legs, and know how to handle a rocking boat. But other than oversized carp and maybe cat fish – the Great Lakes haven’t shown us any whales (just yet – who knows what exactly is down there).

So this Spring, when we were exploring Cape Cod our hotel offered us a whale watching tour to enjoy while we were there. We didn’t hesitate to accept the offer, since it is often a bucket list item for many people including ourselves.

See what we saw on our whale watching trip!

Whale Watching tours are weather dependant, and keep in mind that once you are on the water the weather can change drastically. Our trip started as a warm sunny 60 degree day and by the time we returned we were drenched in rain and the temps had dropped to a cool 40 degrees. Bring a jacket in case you need to bundle up later.

We took the Dolphin Whale Watch from Provincetown and it took everyone a few miles from the shore, but you could always see the iconic tower from the boat at all times. During the tour, you will learn more about the area, the types of birds and whales that are out in the water around you, as well as how to spot whales if you are out there yourself. Your tour will spot at least one whale along the way, but if for some reason you do not they will give you tickets for another tour along the way.

Out on the ocean, you will not only learn a lot, but make memories with your friends and family that you can’t get elsewhere. If you are easily ill from a rocking boat, come prepared because the water conditions will change quickly along the way.

Snap some pictures, take video and be on the look out for some ultimate memories. Of course whale watching tours are going to be seasonal, but it is definitely something you should add onto your list if you are the area.


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