trudeau muffin pan review

Muffins with Less Mess with a Silicone Muffin Pan

trudeau muffin pan reviewNot all silicone baking product is made equally. I have a large collection of different bakeware that could be replaced by their silicone counterparts but I have always kept the metal ones around as well. The main reason is simple – they hold up better and the food never has a problem releasing. The biggest problem I’ve had with silicone bakeware in the past is it still needs a flat pan or something under it for stability – that is until I started using the new silicone bakeware line from Trudeau.

trudeau muffin pan reviewA couple weeks ago I reviewed the Trudeau silicone pie pan and loved that even though it was silicone I could put it directly on the rack in the oven. Trudeau also sent me one of the 6 large Muffin Pan to test out. Similar to the pie pan, the muffin pan is made of European Grade Silicone. That means that not only can it go up to 428 degrees in the oven, but it’s also microwave and freezer safe. The pan is soft silicone, but the edge is reinforced with steel that gives it a rigid feeling when you’re working with it. The silicone is rigid enough to hold its shape, and doesn’t need additional support in the oven. Placing it in the oven the first time I was nervous but the pan held up through the entire baking cycle without any additional reinforcement.

trudeau muffin pan reviewI used the Muffin Pan to make some Cranberry and almond muffins so we’d have a delicious breakfast this week. I still hit the inside of the muffin cups with non-stick cooking spray, but the silicone has non-stick properties anyhow. Each muffin that came out perfectly and even while they were still warm, I could just push up the bottom of each muffin tin and they released easily. It was only a couple minutes out of the oven and the muffin pan was cool to the touch.

I loved working with the Trudeau Muffin Pan and it’s one of the few silicone bakeware pieces I’ll keep around. Besides being easy to use and easy release properties, the Trudeau Muffin pan is also dishwasher safe. From oven to clean up, it’s extremely to use and will quickly become a favorite in your kitchen.

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