Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show is back for Season 3 on Netflix + Clips

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Season 3 Netflix

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Season 3 Netflix

Are you ready to head back in history and time with Mr. Peabody and Sherman? The intelligent dog and his boy are off with an all new season on Netflix! The third season brings new bad guys, new problems and new goofy situations for the duo. Read more about the upcoming season below and check out a couple clips!

About Season 3 of The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show:

The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show is back and crazier than ever! After last season’s cliffhanger, Season 3 opens with Peabody and Sherman teaming up with alter-ego versions of themselves to defeat an evil cyborg version of Mrs. Hughes and fix the course of history! The zaniness continues when the Penthouse is invaded by neighbors, a slippery mouse, a radioactive meteor, a massive storm flood and a full-blown forest with woodland creatures. They also switch bodies, turn into hideous monsters, and discover a rival late-night talk show. Season 3 of The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show is available on Netflix.

Check out some fun clips from the show below:


Sherman’s Treehouse


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