Motorcycle Myths That Need To Be Debunked

Traveling is something that everyone should do at least once in their lives. Exploring new places, seeing new things, learning about a new culture, and experiencing something you would never get to do at home will open your mind to the world at large and can often make you a better person, or at least one who can make some good choices in life. 

Traveling across the world, or even just a small portion of it, on a motorcycle is a long-held dream for many, and although it presents some more potential safety issues than if you traveled the same route in a car or even on a plane, the freedom and fun that goes along with it will more than make up for it, and as long as you take plenty of care the dangers are fairly small. 

However, having said that it is important to know as much about riding and motorcycles as possible before you set off if you are going to stand the best chance of having fun. Here are some of the biggest myths about motorcycles that need to be debunked so you don’t run into any problems. 

Leathers Are All For Show 

Wearing motorcycle leathers is all about showing off and proving how ‘cool’ you are, right? Wrong. Although the clothing that is associated with motorcycle riding does always look great and is always impressive, wearing something like a BMW motorcycle jacket and leather pants is not only a fashion statement; it’s about safety too. In fact, safety is the main concern, and the fact that these safety items also look great is a bonus. 

If leathers were only for show, then in the summer when they make riders feel very hot and possibly uncomfortable, they wouldn’t be worn at all. Plus, you would find that not all motorcycle riders wore them because they would be a fashion statement and not everyone enjoys that kind of attention. The fact that all riders wear them proves that they are a safety item first and foremost. 

Drivers Can See You 

When you’re riding a motorcycle, it is big, heavy, it’s loud, and you can feel it underneath you. In other words, you definitely know it’s there and it’s a very obvious vehicle. The problem is, it might be very obvious to you because you are literally right on top of it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s obvious to every other road user. In fact, although you might hope and even believe that drivers will certainly be able to see you as you ride along, the truth is that in some cases they do not. 

A motorcycle is much smaller than a car or almost any other vehicle on the road. A quick glance in a side mirror might not immediately show a motorcycle heading the car driver’s way, especially if they are turning into a different road. Plus, some drivers are just not as vigilant as others. This means that, when riding a motorcycle, you must never assume that car drivers are aware of you, and always drive as carefully as possible. 

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