Motor City Comic Con Celebrates 25 Years with Celebrities, Fans and More!

Motor City Comic Con 2014
Every year fans come from all around to see their favorite celebrities, characters and artists all in one place – Motor City Comic Con. This year the convention hits celebrates it’s 25th year, which brought in higher profile media guest and visitors from all over.

Motor City Comic Con 2014

We attended Motor City Comic Con this year with complimentary Press passes, to experience the celebrity panels, vendors and festivities. The convention is a fun for fans of all ages, from the smallest to adults – but honestly the real target are the fans of sci-fi, comics and anything pop culture.

This year’s media guest include big names like William Shatner, John Barrowman, Joey Lauren Adams, Nicholas Brendon, Rachel Skarsten and several others. All featuring photo opportunities, signings and even Q&A sessions with their fans.

There are several great things about the convention – from local artists, vendors to stock up on your comic book collection or figurines. But the best part, in my opinion is the cosplay – where fans dress as their favorite characters. The costumes can vary from simple to very complex, but the passion of each fan shines through. The more elaborate costumes are impressive, but some of the best are worn by the smallest fans in attendance. Overall the convention is a great time for everyone in attendance, and a must for local fans. It’s a great convention to have this close to the motor city and can be enjoyed at every age!

Motor City Comic Con 2014 is at the Suburban Showcase in Novi:

Friday May 16th – 12:30-7:00
Saturday May 17th – 10:30-7:00
Sunday May 18th – 10:30-5:00

For more information and ticket information visit the Motor City Comic Con website.


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