MotoGP Real Reason Lorenzo Left Yamaha For Ducati

MotoGP Real Reason Lorenzo Left Yamaha For Ducati

Motorcycle racing is an exciting world. Whether you are a participant or a spectator, there is a lot to enjoy. Jorge Lorenzo and Yamaha have often put on a great show for fans, enough so that many people want to display their loyalty with Lorenzo and Yamaha motorcycle accessories. However, the relationship hasn’t always been smooth, and Lorenzo has finally left Yamaha for Ducati.

Lorenzo and Yamaha

When Jorge Lorenzo first began his relationship with Yamaha, the team’s star was Valentino Rossi. The teammates did not start on a great foot: Rossi requested a wall be placed dividing the Yamaha box. Lorenzo quickly showed that he was no background player with some impressive results early in his first season.

Nonetheless, Rossi’s impressive skill helped him maintain his position as top dog at Yamaha. Starting in 2009, the relationship between the two teammates began to worsen with intense competition for the best positioning in each race. Following an injury, Rossi found his leading role threatened and issued an ultimatum. Yamaha chose to go with the up-and-comer Lorenzo and parted ways with Rossi.

Lorenzo continued to achieve success after success on the track. When Rossi returned in 2013, there was no question that Lorenzo was getting better results. Nonetheless, the Spanish rider felt that Yamaha showed the Italian favoritism, leading to a serious rift. It all came to head after the 2015 season and when contracts came up for renewal, Lorenzo left.

Leaving for Ducati

The Grand Prix of Valencia wrapped up the Yamaha/Lorenzo relationship and the rider moved on to Ducati. Nonetheless, he indicated no feelings of ill will and believed the team had always done what it thought was right.

Enjoying Motorcycle Racing

Even if you aren’t a top-tier professional racer like Jorge Lorenzo, you can still enjoy heading to the track. Yamaha OEM parts and aftermarket mods are some of the best motorcycle parts and accessories on the market. Customize your Yamaha bike to be exactly what you want then take it for a few laps.

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