Motivate Yourself Every Day with What You Surround Yourself With

motivational glass dish

motivational glass dish

There are days that we all need a bit of a boost and a kick start. It’s because of these days I keep positive affirmations around the house and even have a vision board as the wall paper on my laptop. It helps keep me on task and keep me motivated when I need it. From a small piece of art on the wall, or a little saying – sometimes it’s the small things to keep you going.

motivational glass dishOne thing I’ve always believed is that we need to do what makes us happy, since we only have one life (that we know of). And this year, Papyrus sent us a beautiful glass dish that reminds me of that every day. Their Do More Happy Glass Oval Dish is decorated with flowers, a a friendly statement that reminds you to “Do More of What Makes You Happy”.

The Glass Oval Dish is beautiful the layered design makes it stand out even when you’re just looking at it. Measuring 6 1/4″ x 4 3/4″ this dish is perfect for just being decorative, holding your jewelry or anything you want. The small size and make up of the dish doesn’t make it food safe, but it’s a great presentation dish and one that can help you kick start your day with positivity.

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