Monsters University on Blu-Ray Combo Pack in time for Halloween!

monsters university review
Monsters University Blu-Ray

It was one of the biggest movies of the summer, and in my opinion just as good as the first! Monsters University will be making it’s way to Blu-Ray ad DVD Combo pack on October 29th. And come on, isn’t that the perfect date to release this movie set? Monsters do go hand and hand with Halloween!

Disney sent us a copy of Monster’s University on Blu-Ray and DVD Combo pack to review before they hit the market. And it’s been watched so many times already. Yes, this prequel to Monsters Inc. doesn’t have that adorable toddler in it (whoever designed Boo had to have one!) But it tells the story of how Mike and Sully met, what happened when they attended

Monster’s University and how they didn’t initially like each other! Some times your best friends are the people that put you through the hardest trials.

We love this new movie, so much so it’s back in the DVD player for tonight! It is a great addition to the Monsters Inc world and we will be watching it probably just as often as we watch Monsters Inc!

You can pre-order Monsters University now, or get your copy on Blu-Ray, DVD or the combo pack on October 29th.

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