Money Saving Reasons to Do Your Dry Cleaning at Home

dry cleaning at home

dry cleaning at homeIf you work in an office environment or have a job that requires you to dress up, work clothes are part of your every day life. But not all work clothes an just be tossed in the wash with your jeans and t-shirts. Often times they require special washing instructions, or to be dry cleaned to keep them clean and looking nice. But the cost and time to take your clothing to the dry cleaner isn’t always convenient.

How many times have you find yourself wanting to wear an outfit and it’s either at the cleaner or it’s dirty and needs to be laundered. For me, it’s more often than not. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the dry cleaners in our town (except the time they flirted with my boyfriend haha). But for me, every minute is precious and not having to wait three days for my favorite dress to be done is a big deal.

dryel reviewSince Dryel sent me their products to try, I’ve stopped worrying about running to the dry cleaner to get my work clothing clean for the week. But it also stops me from doing what we all do on occasion – throwing those special care garments in the regular wash. There are so many ways Dryel saves me money, but here are some of my favorites.

  1. Time is Money – Besides not having run to the dry cleaners and back to pick up your items, Dryel saves you time. A regular cleaning with Dryel is only 15 minutes in your dryer. A deeper clean is only 30 minutes. You can do 5 items at once in each load so it only takes a couple loads for a week’s worth of garments.
  2. Less Wear and Tear – The washing and drying process can take it’s toll on your clothing and can actually damage the fibers in your garments. The detergents we use to wash our clothes in actually makes the fabrics fade. By using Dryel your clothes are only subjected to a mild cleaner and medium heat for a short period of time. Less cleaning products, less time with the agitator means your clothes last longer and you wont have to spend a ton replacing them as soon.
  3. Lower Water and Energy Consumption – This may seem small at the beginning, but you’re not actually running the clothes through a full load of laundry. The size of our laundry piles have actually reduced quite a bit, and that means we’re using less water running less loads. And the short 15 minutes in the dryer doesn’t take as much as a full load would to dry. Energy savings over all!
  4. It’s a lot cheaper (and not just on paper) – The last time I took a dress to the dry cleaner to get washed it was $30 for one item, and shirts were about $5 each. No matter how much your dry cleaner charges – it adds up and it can majorly put a dent in your budget. The starter kit of Dryel is around $15 (and does 4 loads), and refills of the cleaning clothes are around the same. But each load you do with Dryel does up to 5 garments – so from the starter kit is around 20 garments, or only $0.75 per item. I can easily fill up the Dryel bag with 5 of my dresses and get them all done within 15 minutes for the cost of only $3.75… a fraction of the cost of one dress at the dry cleaners.
  5. Less Shrinking – OK, I know that I’m not the only one who has this issue – You find a favorite outfit, jeans, or shirt and toss them in the washer. After a couple washer they not only feel two times smaller – but actually are. Yes, you can do the conditioner trick and stretch them back out again, but no one really does that. By exposing your clothes to less hot water and heat in the dryer you’re not making the fibers shrink and your favorite clothes will fit longer and last longer. More wears and less buying new clothes!

Whatever your reason for switching to Dryel and doing your dry cleaning at home, you wont regret it. Your clothes come out clean in no time, look better longer and you save quite a bit of money in the process. Find out more about Dryel and cleaning your dry clean only and special care products at home on their website.


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