Mohawk Rug Review

Mohawk Floor Rug Product Review and Giveaway – Rug Value Up to $400! 

Mohawk Floor rug
Finding the right items for your home can be challenging. Believe me, I know. I spent 7 years in design school and there are still days I sit in a room in our home and wonder what it’s missing.

In the years I spent in design studios we learned about many major brands, but usually in the commercial atmosphere. When I found out Mohawk Carpets also had a home division I was excited. I had specified their commercial products through out many projects.

Mohawk Home sells products for virtually any space in your home. Even outdoor rugs to accent your style. They pride themselves on quality and sustainable product options for the home user. Trust me – I love them for that too! I like that Mohawk has a solution to pretty much any flooring problem you might have.

Mohawk Floor rug

Our problem: Our house was built in 1942, in the surge of post war housing. It comes complete with asbestos shingling, single pane windows and even a milk chute (for the milk man of course!). The house does have it’s charm and has beautiful original hard wood floors, trim, crown moulding, wainscotting and even pointed arches.

Somewhere along the line someone removed a back pantry and added a back living room. There are days I curse them for this – think of that pantry space! But for the overall flow of the house it makes sense. It would be the space needed for a growing family! This addition did create a very odd space – our “dining room”. I use the term loosely. At no point could we put a table in the center of the room and eat there. We’d have to walk in a circle to get to the hallway, to the kitchen, to the back living room. So instead we have a small butcher block table we use as our mail station. It works.

We have decorated the room with items we like, antiques and brightly colored items. It’s a nice space, even for it’s limited use. But it always feels like it’s missing something.

Mohawk Floor rug

The solution: Mohawk Home sent me a floor rug to review. They let me choose the one I liked and within a couple weeks a large roll showed up at the door.

Two admissions here: The first, I was given free range to pick a rug. My boyfriend said “get whatever you want”. This shocked me since normally he tells me no on the bright colors I like. I narrowed it down to 4 rugs, and only one did he say “No” about, instead he told me to get what I wanted. I happily chose this floor rug because of the pattern but also the variety of color. The second,I had originally intended to put this floor rug in our office. But loved how much the colors matched the art pieces in the room it fit in perfectly!

We all really like having the rug there, it’s a nice break from the wood flooring, and a welcome place to crunch your toes in the rug as you go by. I will say it was hard to take a shot without a cat in it! They think it’s a great addition and obviously is a place for them to sleep or play.

The rug fits in perfect in the room – almost like it was made perfectly for that space. It also compliments the area with the colors and tones. I’m very happy that Mohawk had a solution to our problem and we now have the missing piece for that room!

Mohawk Home wants one of my readers to have that perfect addition to their space, and is allowing me to give away one of their home rugs! That’s right, you can win a home rug (5′ x 8′) of your choice valued up to $400 – you can check out your choices here!  Make sure you Enter to Win using the button below!

Want another change to win a home rug up to $400? My friend Meredith from Suburban Coupon Mom is giving one away too! Check out her review and make sure you enter to win! I also just found that Deal Peddler has a rug to give away too! Enter to win hers by the 24th!

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189 thoughts on “Mohawk Floor Rug Product Review and Giveaway – Rug Value Up to $400! 

  1. This will go in the Living Room, we have Hard wood Floors, and we need this in that room under the coffee table! Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  2. my living room.. there is laminate flooring everywhere and we have one rug but really need another especially with another baby on the way who will be crawling around eventually!

  3. the living room its the room my son plays in the most and it has hardwood floors so i think it would help his little knees

  4. We’ve needed a floor rug in the living room since we moved into our brand new home 5.5 years ago. Hope we get a good range of color choices when we win! 😉

  5. I’m right in the middle of redoing my whole house. Ripped out 16yr old carpet and putting hardwood and time down. Every room will need some kind of rug, whether a large area or simply one for foot traffic. Don’t even know where to begin, so this will be an adventure.

  6. Hi–the Suburban Coupon Mom…sent me–I really need a new rug in the living room.. Thanks for the giveaway


  8. i need a couple of rugs…. could really use one to help ‘accent’ (hide) our hard wood floor in the living room that is in bad shape…. also need one in the kid’s room to make it feel more warm and cozy but this one would def work great in the the living room…

  9. Our bedroom rug really needs to be replaced. It was 10 years old when we bought the place . And, that was 10 years ago!

  10. I could use a new rug in my living room with at new grandson that will be on the floor a lot. This sure would be wonderful to win.

  11. i need a rug in one of the bedrooms of my grandma’s house, which we’re trying to fix up while she’s in the nursing home. there are a lot of other expenses to make the place livable so this would be a great help!

  12. Stopping by from Suburban Coupon Mom! After looking at all of these Mohawk rugs, I’m obsessed! I love their pinterest page, too.

  13. I would put that amazing Mohawk Rug in my family room, so all of my friends and family could see it as soon as they walked in! Right now I have a hand-me-down rug in there, so it would be so great to have something new and such high quality to enjoy!

  14. was sent here by Suburban Coupon Mom. Really need a new rug in my dining room to prevent the chairs and table from sliding on the wood floor.

  15. For my living room. I love to change the rug on a regular basis(guess I am a little obsessed). Haven’t gotten a new one this year yet. I love the one you picked out.

  16. I need a rug in my poor Punkin’s bedroom. He has beautiful wood floors, but just started falling out of bed 🙁

  17. our bedroom….our house was built in 1958 and we have the original brown choc. tile with the gold interwoven…the tile is actually in good shape, but it gets a tad cold in the winter:)

  18. I came over to visit from Coupon Mom. I could really use a new rug in my living room, mines running its last course. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  19. Most all of my rooms are hardwood therefore, I could use a new rug in any of them but I would especially like one in the bedroom.

  20. i defanitly need an area rug in my living room! the one i have right now was my grandmas and she has had it for over 10 years lol so i really need a new one!

  21. Suburban Coupon Mom sent me to teelll you that i just came from her website entering this mohawk rug contest yall rock

  22. I would put it in my dining area-I spilled cranberry jello salad on the carpet a few years ago and I cannot get the red stain out of it to save my life!

  23. i have been looking at rugs for months. i soo need on for my livingroom. the carpet was stained when we moved in here. 🙁

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