Mix Your Drinks with Ease with a Moo Mixer Supreme #Christmascountdown

Moo Mixer Supreme review
Moo Mixer Review
Sometime’s the best gifts are ones that do the simple things for us. I mean, who needs a glass that stirs your drinks for you? Actually, that is a silly question – who doesn’t? The Moo Mixer Supreme not only mixes your drink for you, but it gets all of it so you don’t have anything left on the sides trapped while you’re drinking.

Moo Mixer Review

Hog Wild Toys sent me the Moo Mixer Supreme to review. Now, by the name alone you would think it’s just meant for milk. And while that was the original idea behind it, I found myself without any chocolate milk syrup when I went to test it out! But instead I tossed in a Starbucks Via, pushed the button and heard it go to work. Within a few seconds there was a vortex in the drink spinning and mixing it together. You can mix anything liquid (and cool) in the Moo Mixer Supreme.
Moo Mixer Review

Moo Mixer Review

Moo Mixer Review

Your Moo Mixer Supreme has a plastic base that opens up to reveal where you’d put in two AA batteries. Those are all it takes to power it. The base of course is cow spotted and it has a removable tumbler with a rubber seal that holds the drink in. It is topped off with a lid with a spot for drinking. But what makes it work is the silicone paddle inside, that once it’s engaged twirls around creating the mixing motion. Just push the button and you’re ready to go!

The Moo Mixer Supreme is a fun and goofy drink option. It’s great for people who love cows, or just want a cool gadget that will mix their drinks for them. I did notice that when you first push the button the mixing started slowly, but increased as you went making the vortex down the center and even a large suction sound. I’d warn against filling your Moo Mixer too high because you might have some spilling happening. If your stuff isn’t mixed well you can just hit the button and mix it again! Kids will love watching their chocolate milk mix itself!

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