Automoblox mini and micro cars review

Mix and Match and Play with the new Automoblox Cars

Do you remember playing with wooden cars when you were a kid? It seems like a joy we used to get from wooden toys is a thing of the past – but it’s not always the case. More and more we’re seeing the brands bring back wooden toys and different ways you can play with them.

We were sent a package of the latest Automoblox, which are just what their name sounds like – cars that are blocks. Wooden car toys that you can build with and even customize. The cars are small and perfect for small hands and learners as they play.

Automoblox mini and micro cars review

All of the cars are smooth and come in two main pieces in the body with central plugs that can be used on vehicles the same size. With wheels, rims and tires that can be removed, exchanged – they allow players to make the car of their dream and to be as imaginative as possible.

Besides being great for gearheads, Automoblox offer kids the opportunity to learn through play. They’re a great way to get kids interested in cars, in building and just playing more. And they bring back the joy of playing with wooden cars.

Each Automoblox car comes with it’s own personal VIN number, must like a real car that can be put into their website for points for owner exclusives and even possibly more cars for your collection.

Be sure to grab the latest Automoblox at Target! Where you can find the new toys to play with, build and exchange parts.

Automoblox mini and micro cars review

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