Mighty Oak Movie Review

Mighty Oak Brings an Optimistic Movie to at Home Audiences

While a lot of movies aren’t opening in theaters as they originally planned, some are making their debut at Drive Ins before they hit their digital release. And one of those movies, that will benefit more from a digital release than a theater one is hitting at home release this week – Mighty Oak.

Mighty Oak follows the story of a band on the cusp of greatness that is cut short when their lead singer is killed in an accident. Through the years, the band members go their own way and start living their lives without the band – until a glimmer of hope shows up named Oak. Oak is a 12 year old boy who has a natural musical talent walks into their lives.

Oak, the sun of a mother struggling with illness loves music. When he is introduced to the bands music he spends his time committing it all to memory and the musical prodigy is set to change not only his life but those of the band members. While Oak’s introduction to the band seems like it’s just fun for some members, the manager Gina believes that Oak is her lost brother reincarnated.

Filled with decent music, Mighty Oak relies heavily on the singing talent of a young boy that is still growing. His singing voice is strong but still developing and his acting skills are stronger than his voice at this point. The idea of reincarnation is linked together by thin moments of circumstance that make the movie’s premise a bit more questionable.

But if you put all of that aside, Mighty Oak is a lighthearted movie and a bit of escapism that a lot of people need right now. It’s something different and introduces a new cast that most people may not be familiar with. For a digital rental, Mighty Oak will entertain you and brings with it a fun soundtrack that your whole family will enjoy and may have you questioning those small moments in your life as well. Can the music of one musician live on in another? Mighty Oak explores what could happen if a child prodigy brings the music of a band back to life.

Mighty Oak originally opened on the big screen at select Drive In Movie theaters across the country. But starting today it is available on Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sony PlayStation Video, FandangoNOW, and more. It does come with a PG-13 rating thematic content involving substance abuse, language, some accident images and brief suggestive comments. But even with that rating, there is no nudity, no actual violence or extremely graphic sexual situations. The movie is fairly clean for audiences of different ages.

About Mighty Oak

Mighty Oak Movie Review

MIGHTY OAK tells the story of Gina (Janel Parrish, “Pretty Little Liars,” To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before), a band manager who struggles after losing her brother/lead singer (Levi Dylan, 12 Mighty Orphans) in a fatal car accident while traveling to a gig. A decade later, Gina meets a 10-year-old music prodigy named Oak, played by newcomer Tommy Ragen, a real-life prodigy whose music inspired the screenplay. Oak seems to possess the same qualities as Gina’s late brother, inspiring her to pull her life back together and try to reunite the band with Oak as its new front man.

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