Midas – Fluffy Heist Show is Missing Something

Midas Review

With the world as messed up as it is, how far would you go to make it easier for you or the people you love? Midas, a new movie from Entertainment Squad is hitting theaters this weekend and it shows the extremes some might go to – no matter the consequences.

The movie follows Ricky, a recent college graduate who is working hard to help keep the bills paid for his family and help with his mother’s medical bills. After attending a party with two college friends, he ends up not only accidentally getting a job at a large medical insurance company (the same one that laid his mom off), but starting a relationship with the company owner’s daughter. It’s a classic fish out-of-water type story, but with a plan and some help, he starts using the system for good.

Midas Review

The actual heist part of the movie is where it starts to fall apart. Ricky’s friends quickly sign on to be part of the plan which is initially to help him out with his mom’s medical bills. But it quickly becomes more as they find new ways to exploit the system. It does show how self-centered each member of the friend group can be as they work on the heists and that none of them really think very far past what happens if they succeed.

It’s almost as if it was written that way, because, of course, it was, every friend in the group has some special skill that will help them be successful. But even as they find out more about the company, their plan never falters or fails. It just seems like it was lazy, or that the writers didn’t have enough confidence in the audience that they could have made it stronger. I’m not sure what the missing element is here, but things just go way too easily as the group defrauds a multi-million dollar company.

Midas Review

Midas, on its own isn’t a bad movie. It’s a bit of a slow-burn and entertaining along the way. But it seems to be lacking something. Maybe it’s the suspension of disbelief that the crime would go unpunished. Sure, it’s a movie and yes, made purely for entertainment. But even if they were to have gotten away with multiple federal crimes, they wouldn’t just walk off into the sunset. You can completely understand their reasoning for wanting to do what they do, but how quickly they all jumped on board and how carelessly they moved throughout the movie makes you question a lot of things. This isn’t an Ocean’s level heist, but there seems to be a disconnect from believability here as well.

If you don’t mind and can suspend your disbelief for the 90+ minutes of the movie, Midas is in select theaters this weekend.

Overall Rating

Three and a Half Stars Review

About Midas

Recent college grad Ricky Pryce feels stuck delivering food orders while supporting his sick mother. He’s soon invited to attend a friends mixer where he meets Claire Brent, daughter of the MIDAS Health Insurance CEO. His lies of attending Harvard meant to win her over end up landing him a job at MIDAS — the same company that laid off his mother. After a few weeks on the job, Ricky realizes he can’t keep up the facade for much longer, and devises a plan to set up fraudulent payouts to fund his mother’s surgery, enlisting help from his friends Victor and Sunita, who have their own financial woes.

After their heist goes surprisingly well, tech savvy Victor explains he’s uncovered a dark secret: MIDAS has been buying large amounts of data, including DNA reports, on their policyholders and terminating their policies before big payouts. Faced with this discovery, the team must choose between keeping their ill-gotten gains or exposing the insurance giant’s scheme and risking exposure.

“With MIDAS, we set out to create a heist film for a new generation. Entertainment Squad’s commitment to bold storytelling made them the perfect partner to bring this electrifying vision to audiences,” said director TJ Noel-Sullivan. Entertainment Squad CEO Shaked Berenson added, “MIDAS combines thrilling heist action with a sharp critique of health insurance injustices, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate films that entertain and challenge the status quo.”


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