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Cupcake Wrapper Topiary DIY
Mickey Inspired Topiary DIY
You could spend a small fortune on pre-made party decorations, or you can make your own! I ordered a few supplies from Amazon, and spent a little time this afternoon and now we have some adorable and light weight table top Topiaries. The DIY is easy enough your kids can even help you out with making their own creations for your party – just be careful with the pins!

These were actually so easy to make, and the colors are pretty neutral that you could use this for other parties later. Just change out the ribbon and maybe a the cupcake liners and you can use these for any party coming up!

Mickey Inspired Topiary DIY

What you need:

Mickey Inspired Topiary DIY

Pour a little bit of yellow paint on your paper plate and paint the wooden sticks in your topiary.

This isn’t necessary however the green foam color does get onto the wood some and I didn’t want that to show at all through the cupcake liners.

Pour some of the black paint onto your plate and carefully hold the foam balls while you paint the base black. If you’re like me, the yellow paint will still be wet, so you may get some on you if you’re not careful!

Allow to dry – this can take a couple hours.




Mickey Inspired Topiary DIY

Take a cupcake liner and flip it inside out. In your fingers push together your cupcake liner until it resembles a flower.

I found that twisting the base into almost a stem on the back helps a lot!






Mickey Inspired Topiary DIY

Take one of your pearl head straight pins and insert it through the center of your “flower”. Push it into the top foam ball of your topiary.



Mickey Inspired Topiary DIY

Repeat creating the flowers and add them to the foam balls until you get a good coverage.

Mickey Inspired Topiary DIY

Repeat with the bottom foam ball and the other topiary.

When you’re done you can adjust the cupcake liners so that you wont see any green peaking through.




Mickey Inspired Topiary DIY

Cut some of your ribbon and wrap it around your base. Tie the ribbon in a knot and in a bow. Secure with a matching pearl head straight pin.

These are light weight, cute and super easy to make. You can expect to see them at our Disney Side party next weekend!

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