Michigan Chat Pack – Hours of Fun!

michigan chat pack review
Michigan Chat Pack
Have you ever found yourself stuck in the car for hours, nothing to talk about and pretty soon the radio stations don’t reach where you’re going. We take a lot of road trips, and keep a Trivia book in the car for the moments, or just when we’re bored driving in the car. We enjoy each other’s company but sometimes you have already said everything you wanted to.

michigan chat pack

Now there is a new conversational tool you can bring with you – The Michigan Chat Pack. It’s made by the Question Guys and they have several different states and topics to choose from.

The Michigan Chat Pack has 156 different cards all based around different facts and information around the Great Lake State. You will find conversation starters and things that can keep you talking for hours including:

“What do you believe is the most picturesque small town in all of Michigan?”

“Of all the famous people associated in some way with Michigan, which one do you most wish you could disassociate from Michigan?”

No two answers will be the same and once you start explaining your answers you’ll have a full conversation going in no time.

The Michigan Chat Pack cards are small and printed on a sturdy card stock and then laminated they are bound to last for year. They are not only good for the long summer drives to the cabin, but also for dinner parties, family gatherings, or even in classroom while learning about Michigan. It would even be a great gift to send to a former Michigander to remind them about their great home state.

Check out the list of Chat Packs to see if your state has one here!

Find the Michigan Chat Pack Online:


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