Michael Angelo’s Chicken Parmesan Buy and Try Review!

michael angelos review

Michael Angel's Gourmet Foods Review

In our home, we try to eat as much from scratch as possible. But the reality is, it’s not always an option. Instead sometimes we rely on take out and on the rare occasion frozen meals. Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods sent all of the members of the Blogger Recipe Challenge some of the their newer meal options. All they asked was we tried them and let them know what we thought. Their new meals are made with real ingredients with no preservatives, made from scratch and are available in small and family sized portions. You can find your some of your favorite classic Italian dishes like chicken Parmesan, lasagna, or even Baked Ziti that require little to no prep work for your meal.

Michael Angel's Gourmet Foods Review

These meals are obviously not gluten free, so I enlisted my boyfriend Jason to try out the new dish. Since I know he’s a fan of Chicken Parmesan that’s the one we decided to try, but I only picked up the smaller portion since it was only one of us trying it.

There was one problem with having him try the meal – he didn’t want to wait for it to bake in the oven for 40-50 minutes. So instead we followed the microwave instructions. The box said it would be ready in 10 minutes, but it actually took around 15 minutes to get it fully cooked. We kept having a frozen spot in the pasta.

Michael Angel's Gourmet Foods Review

Does it look as nice as the picture? Nope! And I’ll be honest, I doubt even if I made it from scratch – mine wouldn’t look that nice either. But how did it taste?  The report from the big man: The noodles were good and soft just how they should be, the cheese was gooey, the sauce good and not over acidic. The breading came off the chicken breasts some, but that could be due to the microwave method. But overall a good meal!

These would be great to have on hand for those late nights when I’m working and he needs a good meal. The sodium level was still higher than we would like, but you can expect that with any frozen meal. And for the first time – there was more food in one meal box than he could finish! That right there makes it worth every cent!

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