2014 Michigan Renaissance Festival

Mermaids, Jousting and Gluten Free Dining at the Michigan Renaissance Festival! @michrenfest

Michigan Renaissance Festival
Just about an hour north of the Metro Detroit area is Holly Grove, a magical place where you can be transported back in time to the Renaissance era every summer. It’s the permanent home of the Michigan Renaissance Festival. When I was in junior high a friend first took me to the festival, and over the years I’ve gone back several times. This year, we were invited back to review the Michigan Renaissance Festival and check out all of the new things they had to offer.

Performers at Michigan Renaissance Festival

Instead of just receiving tickets to the festival, I also requested a tour as well. It’s been more than a few years since we attended. The last time Jason and I went to the Michigan Ren Fest was back in 2008, while they were filming All’s Faire in Love there. It was a great experience, and we were able to see some of our favorite actors up close as they filmed the movie. We hadn’t been able to find it anywhere since then, until I stumbled upon it on Amazon instant video the other night. It is extremely neat seeing a place you know well in a movie.

But what was new at the Renaissance Festival? Had it changed at all, or was it worth the drive up for us?

Wedding Feast at Michigan Renaissance Festival

Honestly, one of my favorite things to do at any event is people watch. And the Michigan Renaissance Festival is a perfect place to do this. Not only will the performers and actors be in full period garb, but several of the others guests will be as well. It doesn’t matter when we go to the festival, we always run into one group of people we know – if we plan on it or not.

This year as we entered the main gates we were stopped by a bridal procession. Several couples choose to have their weddings at the festival in the gazebo each year. Following after the ceremony, is a royal feast in the castle. These are private events, but beautifully done and every measure is taken for the privacy of the wedding party so they can enjoy their special day.

Mermaids at the Michigan Renaissance Festival

Since our last visit to the festival there have been a few new additions. From the Lost Caverns of Camelot show, to new vendors and even live mermaids! Although the lines can be long, I highly suggest going to meet the mermaids. Besides seeing them swim, and bestow gifts on the children visitors – it’s absolutely amazing them swim and make their chirping noises.

The new additions to the festival go great with the old staples like Ded Bob, The Washing Wenches or event Zoltan the Adequate. You can experience everything from family friendly shows, to adult only events where you can experience more raunchy entertainment.

Check out more images from the 2014 Michigan Renaissance Festival below!


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