world's largest wine glass review

Melt Your Worries Away with the World’s Largest Wine Glass

world's largest wine glass reviewThe saying goes “One glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away”, but the funny thing about that saying – they never said just HOW big that glass is suppose to be! With one fun spin on the old saying, BigMouth Inc has created the ultimate wine glass for the wine lover in your life – and they call it the World’s Largest Wine Glass!

world's largest wine glass reviewI love wine, and usually one glass is more than enough. But I can honestly say I’ve never seen a glass as large as the one that BigMouth Inc sent me. I’m not sure if the World’s Largest Wine Glass is what, but the glass will hold an impressive three FULL bottles of wine (750 ml). That is definitely a lot more wine that I need in one glass since a standard glass will make me sleepy, but it would be a lot of fun at parties to use to mix sangria or other fun things. The wine glass is made from hand blown glass, and is pretty thin in some places. Because of the fragile nature, the glass should only be hand washed.

world's largest wine glass reviewThe World’s Largest Wine Glass is a great gift idea for wine lovers, or a fun gift to get a laugh. So what would you do put in your giant wine glass? Wine is the obvious answer, but for me – it’s a conversation starter! I’ve used it to store fruit, wine corks and it even makes an impressive candy dish for parties!

You can find the World’s Largest Wine Glass on Amazon or on BigMouth Inc’s website. It’s a great gift for your friend or family member who just needs one glass of wine after a long day at work!

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