Meet Wonderbag – The Powerless Slow Cooker That Gives Back

wonderbag review

wonderbag reviewWe all reach a time in the holiday meal prep that we run out of plugs – but still have a ton of recipes that need to get done. Wouldn’t it be great if you can still make your meal in a slow cooker but one that doesn’t require a power plug at all? Now what if that appliance wasn’t an appliance and could also make a change in the world just by you purchasing it?

Let me introduce you to Wonderbag. At first it appears to be a large bag, but looks can be deceiving and it’s something you probably will keep on hand for multiple occasions – not just the holidays. The bag is easy to store and can be useful during power outages to prepare a meal, to take camping or to start a meal and have it ready when you get to the family pot luck.

wonderbag reviewHow does it work? The walls of the bag is filled with heat absorbing and distributing material. You use a standard pan you already have, and start cooking on your stove top. Bring it to a boil and lift the pan and put it inside the and secure the lid and top of the bag. Tighten the strings and let it cook for 8-12 hours. Once you take the top off you will have a fully cook mealed. Not only will you have save energy by not needing power, but you can free up that extra plug when you need it.

As an added bonus, when you purchase a Wonderbag, they give one to a a community in need. Not only does it help you save energy and power but it helps people who need it most.

About Wonderbag:

The Wonderbag isn’t just an ingenious cooking innovation, it is a catalyst for change. The South African invention, one of gifts Meghan and Harry received for their wedding, is saving lives from smoke inhalation, combating deforestation, providing time women to work and for children to go to school and decreasing the incidents of rape (82% of rapes happen while women and girls are gathering firewood). Wonderbag has also proven to be an unrivaled economic stimulant. In rural African communities the intervention of a Wonderbag can help a family go from 20 cents a day income to $2 a day.

Founder Sarah Collins, known as both a powerful CEO and an equality innovator, has turned Wonderbag into a multi-million dollar globally conscious enterprise. Collins developed the Wonderbag as a response to the deep inequalities and gender divides that she saw in her native South Africa. She witnessed that many mothers and grandmothers spent most of their days relegated to a stove while many girls were spending 4-6 hours a day gathering firewood instead of going to school. Wonderbag is celebrating 10 years in business this year and new milestones of impact. Over 1.5million Wonderbags have now been activated in the Western and Majority world. Sarah’s extreme dedication, resilience and determination has earned her Fortune Magazine’s Top 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, Oprah’s African Heroines and the Women’s Economic Forum Woman of the Decade for Entrepreneurship.

Get your Wonderbag, give yourself the tool you need while helping make change in the world.

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