trivae product review

Meet Trivae – The New Multi-Tool for your Kitchen and Beyond

trivae product reviewEvery once in a while, you get a new tool for the kitchen and you wonder where it’s been your whole life. That is exactly what I felt when I started working with the Trivae. I was sent a red Trivae to check out and use in our kitchen. You may not have heard of a Trivae, and just by looking at it, you may not know what its purpose is, but trust me, you’re going to want one of your own!

trivae product reviewWhat exactly is a Trivae? It’s a food stand, it’s a trivet and a lid holder. It’s a multi-tool that is made of metal and heat resistant silicone up to 475 degrees. It transforms from a stack, to a flat surface and to a Z shape stand by just moving the locks on either end. It can goes from approximately 8 inches wide to large enough to hold a 13″ long casserole dish or a cookie sheet without any problem. Because of the design, Trivae can hold up to 10 lbs, even in the Z formation, and I’ve heard it’s even strong enough to hold a large Chicago deep dish pizza.

trivae product reviewWhen I first started working with Trivae it was hard to get the locks to move, and this is something that I still have issues with at times. More times than not, it’s because of how I’m holding the unit, and not the lock at all. But with a quick push of the lock the two C sections start to swing and can flip completely around to the other side. The bottom lock helps control the center section which makes the unit flip from flat to different shapes. The more I used the Trivae, the easier it was to use the locks, and most of that was because I figured out what I was doing wrong.

trivae product reviewOne of the things I loved about the Trivae is it helps me maximize my counter space. In the Z formation I can place an item on both the top and bottom section. When we hosted Easter we used the Trivae as a cake stand and it held the two layer marble cake and was strong enough to keep it stable even while cutting the cake.

trivae product reviewI love the flexibility of the Trivae, it fits easily in my tool drawer and can hold all of my bake ware right out of the oven. But probably the best uses for the Trivae is a lid holder. When you have the Trivae in the Z formation you can easily reach under to place a hot lid without burning yourself, or making a mess on your counter. I normally placed the lid on the back burner, or leaned on the counter, not only does this create a situation where it creates a mess, but I’ve burnt myself at least a couple time.

Trivae is unlike a trivet on the market, and it is one of my favorite multi-tools. Why buy a boring trivet that just does one thing? Trivae will be perfect for taking to parties and will become your best friend this summer at your barbecue.

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