Meet the Peanut Butter Making Monks and the Place They Call Home

Meinrad Monastery Tour Indiana

When you hear about Monks or monasteries, it seems like something of the far off past. But there are still hundreds of active monasteries throughout the world and some are even available for you to tour.

In southern Indiana, you can actually not only visit an active Monastery, but tour it for free. Lead by one of the active brothers that live and works on the property, you will learn more about how Saint Meinrad came to be, it’s current purpose and the beautiful architecture that hides behind every corner and the meaning of each piece.

Meinrad Monastery Tour Indiana

Saint Meinrad Archabbey was established and the city formed around the church and surrounding area. Currently home to over eighty different Benedictine monks, they also have a school over a hundred different students training to be spiritual leaders as well. The compound includes the school, a hospital facility, dining areas and more. Providing for the needs of the residents and students of Saint Meinrad. The active population of the Monastery and school currently equates to about a quarter of the town of the same name.

Tours are available with a guide or on your own, as you wander through a church filled with history, artwork and that has been updated over the years to meet the needs of the church as well as the community. Your tour will give you a brief look at the life of modern day Monks, who have devoted their lives to the church.

Meinrad Monastery Tour Indiana

If you don’t have time to visit the Archabbey, you can always get a very quick taste of the Monastic life by visiting their store at the base of the hill. You will find religious items, items from other Monasteries that create items to help create and income for their living, and grab a jar or two of the Peanut Butter created on site by the residents of Saint Meinrad Monastery aptly named Peanut Brother to help support them in a small way.


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