Meet the HP AMP 100 Printer – The Perfect Printer for Small Spaces and More #HPAmp

HP Amp Review

HP Amp ReviewAs we try to unclutter and de-stress our lives, we’re always looking for ways to consolidate items in our home. My office is always overflowing with items but in order to work I still need some basic things – like a printer to make it fully functional office. My large laser printer takes up too much space on the desk top and must be hard wired into my laptop to work and only prints black and white. To say it was time for an upgrade on our technology may be an understatement.

HP Amp ReviewEarlier this summer I was introduced to the HP AMP 100 printer, a small compact printer that does more than any other printer I’ve seen on the market. HP sent me one to review and it quickly found a place in my kitchen. While it may seem like an odd place for a printer to reside, the functionality of the AMP 100 gives it some of my coveted counter space.

YHP Amp Reviewes, the HP AMP 100 does print in both color and black and white, but it can also print directly from my phone. I can send that new recipe to it while I’m getting ready to cook dinner and not have to risk getting food or liquid on my phone as I check the recipe. I can use the Amp to scan new recipes in and keep them in a folder on my cloud drive and print out the latest photos while I’m cooking dinner. All while rocking out to my favorite tunes. That’s right, the HP Amp is also a Bluetooth speaker.

HP Amp ReviewConnectivity is key with new technology, and connecting to the Amp is so easy to do. In order to play music through the Amp speaker you can simply tap your phone to the top of the speaker using NFC. This allows you to also also use the printer as a Bluetooth speaker to take and receive calls. Pairing your phone is quick and easy. And don’t worry about using the Amp all the time wearing the battery of your phone down – there is a USB port so you can charge your phone as well.

HP Amp ReviewWe love how easy it is to connect to the amp, how it’s smaller than a bread box when you put the parts back together and how it has beautiful and clear sound quality that fills up the space. For the small size of the Amp, this printer packs a punch with wireless connectivity and printing capabilities.¬†You can get an HP AMP for your home office, dorms and even your kitchen now – it retails at $129 and takes the place of several items at once. You can hard wire it into your machine or use it completely wirelessly.


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