Meet Roxy – A Fun and Musical Zoomer Zuppy and Your New Best Friend!

zoomer zuppy review
Zoomer Zuppies Review
This is Roxy, she’s colorful, she’s fun and she’s ready to play! Roxy is a Zoomer Zuppy, a small robotic dog that is full of games, articulated and loves to play. Spin Master set us Roxy so we could play with her and check out one of the Zoomer Zuppies in our home.

Zoomer Zuppies Review

Every one of the¬†Zoomer Zuppies¬†comes loaded with games, and ways to interact with your child. Nurture them and love them and they will respond with barking, more games and interaction. All of the Zuppies have have wheels for their feet, and they don’t move on their own. Instead they move with your child as they play with it.

Roxy has the most funky colors compared to the other Zuppies, and she loves music. Not only do her eyes light up in hearts but also music notes when she’s ready to respond to the beat!

We’ve had a lot of fun playing with Roxy, and she runs on 3 AAA batteries. Since the Zuppies are a lot smaller than the regular Zoomers, getting the batteries in was a bit trickier. One of the three batteries is nestled under the other two, and I had a hard time getting that one in there. My boyfriend was able to finally get it in and we were able to play with Roxy. There is a simple on and off switch on the under side to start up the Zuppies and to start playing.

Roxy is only one of several new Zuppies that are looking for a home. She’ll play as long as you want to, bark and pant or play games with you. They’re available on Amazon, at Target, Toys R Us and several other stores. Get ready for some interactive, allergy free fun with your new Zuppy!

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