Meet Rizmo The Interactive Musical Toy

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Toys that play music have been around for a while, but how about ones that interact with you? TOMY has a new toy that does both, Rizmo, a monster who plays music and will evolve over time with your kids to have more games and will actually interact with them!

Rizmo, whose name comes from “Rhythm Monster”, is ready to play immediately out of the box. Over time, as kids interact, cuddle, sing and play with Rizmo, they’ll experience its magical evolution—growing and evolving from adorable baby to playful kid and, ultimately, to the fun, music-loving Rizmo. Once Rizmo fully evolves, additional play modes and more advanced interactive features guarantee never-ending play.

Rizmo has a cute chirp and sing song voice when it copies you, and a soft fuzzy exterior. You can pet it, rock it to sleep and have fun playing with it. The toy will evolve into the monster that is hidden inside and open up more games to play as you go – but it will take some time to get Rizmo to fully evolve. Continued play and love to Rizmo means more changes and interaction over time.

It’s hard to not fall in love with Rizmo, and want to bring one home yourself. Rizmo comes in three colors and is waiting for you to activate and play with one so it can evolve into your new friend! You can find Rizmo online and at Target stores this holiday season!

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