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Dreamworks Home Review

Dreamworks Home ReviewOne of the things I’ve always loved about DreamWorks movies, they always create characters that are not only relate-able but often likable as well. In their latest movie release Home, there is no exception to this. We weren’t fortunate enough to catch Home when it was in the movie theaters near us, but we were more than thrilled when a review copy arrived at our house.

Home tells the story of Oh, a Boov that is just trying to find his place in the universe. The Boov are always trying to out run the Gorg who chases them from planet to plant. When the Boov make their way to Earth, they immediately relocate all of the humans and take over the planet. The Boov feel like they’re safe now, that is until Oh accidentally sends out a party invite to everyone in the universe – including the Gorg! As Oh tries to hide from the Boov, he meets Gratuity “Tip” Tucci, and after a rough start set out on an adventure around the world.

Not only is the story of Home sweet, it’s a lot of fun. With big names voicing the main characters like Jim Parsons for Oh, and Rihanna for Tip – you’ll instantly fall in love with the movie. Being a fan of the Big Bang Theory, it was hard for me at first to not picture Jim Parson’s character Sheldon doing the majority of the movie. But even with that in the back of my mind, I really enjoyed the show.

Home is now available on DVD and BluRay. It has a total run time of 94 minutes and is rated PG.


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