Dump Dinners Review

Meals Made Easy with Dump Dinners

Dump Dinners ReviewWhat do you do when you’re rushed and everyone is starving? Most people will run to pick up food on the way home, or order something out. But dinner doesn’t always have to be fancy, complicated or even expensive. That’s the main message behind Dump Dinners – the new cook book release by Cathy Mitchell. Dump Dinners is a follow up to her earlier cook book, Dump Cakes and expands your recipe collection and your ideas of what to make for a quick meal.

I’m always being accused of making more dirty dishes than necessary. So when I was given a copy of Dump Dinners to review, I decided to do a one skillet recipe to see if I could just only mess up one and make a good tasting meal in the process. I’m always a fan of Mexican food, so I went with the Tex Mex Skillet recipe, it’s only four ingredients and it only took 30 minutes to make dinner for the whole household. I only had to use the one skillet, and even better – I could control the ingredients so I knew it’s be gluten free and friendly for our family.  And yes, it did only mess up one dish – which makes clean up a lot faster and easier too.

Dump Dinners ReviewLast month while I was in Chicago, I was able to sit down with Cathy and learn more about her recipe development and her ideas of cooking. The most important idea she shared – just make it at home, and adjust to your liking. Some of her own recipes are adaptations of other recipes and she knows her readers will do the same. The original recipe calls for a black bean salsa as an ingredient – I’m not a fan of beans so I opted for a chunky tomato salsa. Topped with cheese and a dollop of sour cream, I quickly enjoyed my dinner and ended up going back for more!

Dump Dinners is a great resource for quick and delicious food that will not only get you inspired in the kitchen, but make sure everyone is fed just what they like. You can find it online at BuyDumpDinners.com


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