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Haven’t you always wanted your own robot? One that could clean for you, shop for you – or even do your work for you? I know there are days that I thought this would be easier, and still do! Wowwee recently sent me a RoboMe to review, and while he doesn’t do the dishes like I hoped he is a lot of fun!

RoboMe is one of several models of Wowwee’s robotic friends. They range from dogs, to Raptors and even RoboZombies! All are easy to use, and play with – and are great for kids over 8 years old.

The RoboMe will come with a controller and an instruction manual, but you will need batteries to get him started.


Once we fired up the RoboMe we had to stop to make sure he met Godiva’s inspection. She normally runs away from anything that’s at her level, or makes noise. Anything from small children to vacuums. But she sat next to me on the floor and watched as RoboMe spun around, talked and even went on guard. He wasn’t intimidating and I think she thought he was a bit entertaining.

Your RoboMe can tell you jokes, respond to voice commands, gauge your space and guard it and even indicate his moods. The more you interact with your RoboMe the happier he will be. He will come with a controller but you can download a mobile app on android or iPhone.


RoboMe’s standard games and function, but he can do a lot more! If you have an IPhone you can change his standard face plate out, and customize RoboMe for whatever you’re doing. While you have an iPhone in as his face, you can use the iPhone to see where he’s going, and completely control it from another phone. You can direct RoboMe from another room, and have him relay messages or talk to other people. You can completely see his path, customize his voice, and face. RoboMe’s face plate is the right size for an iPhone. These are great additions, and I hope they upgrade these features to include Android devices in the near future. The controller app is available on both Android and iPhone, and you can actually control more than one Robo device with the same app.

My favorite game that RoboMe plays is Magic 8 Ball. Just ask him questions and he will tell you the likely outcome – no shaking needed! RoboMe is a lot of fun, and a great new friend for you or your kids this holiday season.

You can buy RoboMe online or find RoboMe on Amazon!

Check out his Demo mode, he’s got some real smooth moves!


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