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Mayesa Healthy Chocolate Drink Product Review and Giveaway!


What’s that I say? Healthy Chocolate? Yup! Make a smart healthy choice when you grab a snack or drink from the fridge!

I was given some of Mayesa’s Healthy Chocolate drinks to try – both Cacao Original and Cacao Mint. I have to say I was super happy about this review – a gluten free product! It’s actually dairy free and soy free too!

I recruited my boyfriend to help me with tasting the products, I have a weird thing with mint that it makes me sneeze. Not to say I didn’t try it, but I didn’t think I could give a fair opinion of it if i kept sneezing – haha. Actually, I should say he recruited himself – he opened the fridge and said “What are these chocolate things you’ve been hiding from me?”

The products are made with all natural ingredients, so they suggest that you mix them well. Trust me you should do this! It also says they are better cold – that part I disagree with. I liked the flavor better as it warmed up!I’m glad I handed the mint one to my boyfriend, it’s mint – VERY mint! I would have been sneezing all night! But I have to say I liked the Cacao original – it was almost like having a drink of dark chocolate nibs! The flavor was still strong, but good!

Find out more about Mayesa! Check out their site and find out some interesting facts about the company! Head there now, and get ready to write down that info  – you can use it in the giveaway!

That’s right! They’re letting me give away a 6 pack of their Healthy Chocolate drinks! 3 of each flavor! Make sure you enter to win so you can enjoy it too!

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21 thoughts on “Mayesa Healthy Chocolate Drink Product Review and Giveaway!

  1. I learned that it is a natural, healthy chocolate that has many health benefits including being dairy free. For those of us that are lactose intolerant like me!

  2. Mayesa was developed over several years by 3 lovely ladies that wanted to make the healthiest, best tasting drink they could, the packaging is biodegradeable (reducing our carbon footprint, is part of our mission statement)
    I also learned that cocoa and Cacao are not different, just a mispronunciation of the word cacao, and it is delicious and full of yummy goodness!
    I would LOVE to try this product.
    Ooh, it also said you can enjoy it hot of cold! If we ever get any show this ‘winter’ it would be great to try it hot!

  3. Gluten free sounds just right. I love the fact so many things are being done with dark chocolate simply b/c of the many health benefits it holds. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

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