Maya the Bee Movie is Now Available!

Maya the Bee movie review

Maya the Bee movie reviewWhat’s all the buzzing about? Maya the Bee Movie is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and HD Video! We were asked if we waned to review a copy, and since we’re huge fans of bees, and our own should be arriving in our yard soon – we said yes!

Maya is a young bee in a hive that has a lot of rules that all of the bees must follow and she’s not excluded. One of the main rules of course is not not trust other bugs – they’re not hte same and you definitely can’t trust those hornets! But Maya is young, and like many kids is extremely trusting. So Maya goes out and makes friends with other bugs including hornets and a musical grasshopper. She learns quickly that each bug has their own job in nature, but while she’s making friends problems arise. Someone stole some of the Royal Jelly from the hive, and the other bugs and now Maya are suspects!

The movie is not only adorable  but is done in 3D animation that you and your kids will both enjoy. It has a G rating so it is good for your little ones as well as older kids, and has a total run time of 79 minutes.

Maya the Bee Movie is available on Amazon and everywhere today. You can check out a clip below or click the button to download some delicious recipes for honey vanilla ice cream, honeybee cookies and peanut butter bumblebees! Yum!

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