Maxx Action Long Haul Truck Review

Maxx Action Brings Play and Adventure in A Toy Set with Five Toys in One

For some gear heads, their love of cars and vehicles come before they can even speak. With anything with a motor, to toy cars – some kids absolutely love cars. And thanks to Sunny Days Entertainment you can get them a Maxx Action set that is full of fun at every level that you’re little gear head is going to love the new adventure’s they can take.

The six piece playset comes with a semi, a car hauler trailer and six die cast trucks. With a working ramp and a friction motor you’re able to load the trucks on there easily. Run the lights on the truck and you’re off to take them to be delivered or play with the trucks on their own. There’s a lot you can do with this set and kids will love creating their own world playing.

Maxx Action Long Haul Truck Review

The Maxx Action Long Haul set is 1:16th scale and has so many things your kids are going to love including:

  • LED Flashing Lights and Electronic Sounds: The cab of the truck makes three different realistic sounds. Lights flash when you push the buttons for maximum fun.
  • Friction Motor: The detachable cab can stand alone or pull the car carrier with a friction-rev motor. Just push the vehicle forward, then let go to watch the vehicle roll!
  • Soft Super Grip Tires: The treaded rubber tires really spin, enhancing imaginative play. Get ready for a super smooth ride down the big road.
  • 4 Pickup Trucks: This set includes two red and two blue vehicles. You can carry things in the back for extra transportation, and the wheels really spin!
  • Working Ramp: Complete with a lift gate to load and unload the vehicles. It clicks into place to hold the vehicles in for the long ride.

Your little gear head will absolutely love this set and the amount of fun they can have with the different vehicles. Through the snow, sand or dirt. With essentially five vehicles in one toy, there’s endless possibilities on what your kids can dream up with this fun set.

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