Master Lock Dialspeed – Fun Gift Idea and Great Techie toy! 

masterlock digital lock review
Master Lock Dialspeed
Remember the last time you bought a combination lock for the gym or school? After you got it, you’d have to remember the numbers – teach yourself the new combination and then not forget it! Maybe you’re not good with number combinations, I always had problems remembering which way I had to spin the dial. Or maybe, it’s just time for an update on old technology!

Master Lock Dialspeed

Master Lock has come out with the padlock for the next generation – the dialSpeed™ Electronic Combination Lock. It has a touch screen with directional arrows to set and unlock your combination lock. The center has one main button to activate the lock’s screen and turn it on.

When you first push the center button the dial will light up blue to let you know it’s ready to work. If you do not use it right away, or put int he wrong combination the lock will turn red.

Master Lock Dialspeed

After you successfully unlock or lock your padlock it will light up green and blue and rotate around the arrows. You can then pull the lock like normal to get in your locker or cabinet.

Just because the dialSpeed is digital doesn’t mean it’s light weight. Master Lock still made it a heavy duty lock, and you can physically feel the weight of it when you pull it out of the box. It features a Boron carbide shackle to make it harder to cut through. But since it is a digital item – the dialSpeed is meant for inside use only! One concern we had about the dialSpeed, like most digital items – the battery life. The battery of the dialSpeed is suppose to last up to 5 years, and is completely replaceable.

Each dialSpeed comes with a preset combination. You can customize it to anything you want (there are 22 million possibilities!). And you can even set up to three guest combination, so don’t worry about lending it to your friends or kids and having them learn your combination.

The dialSpeed also comes with a USB flash drive fully equipped with Master Lock Vault, where it backs up your passwords for you. If you ever forget it, you can log on and retrieve your password. Each dialSpeed comes with three months of free service of Master Lock Vault.

This is completely a techie toy, even if it’s just going to lock things away. I sat there playing with it “oohing and aahing” at the lights for a long time. The dialSpeed comes in both white and black, and is available for only $24.99! This would make a great gift and stocking stuffer!

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