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MasterChef Junior Sets Encourage the Budding Cooks in Your Family

master chef junior cooking set reviewWhen MasterChef Junior first debuted, we were hooked instantly. Not only is the show filled with adorable children, but the recipes look and sound delicious. Often, we look at what the contestants have prepared and question if even we could make that dish. But, one thing I’ve always loved about the show is it shows kids that they can cook and create amazing meals and dishes despite their size.

master chef junior cooking set reviewSince the show started, it has inspired pint sized cooks all over the nation. Because more children want to get in the kitchen MasterChef Junior has not released their own cooking sets made for children to use in the kitchen. Goonie has always been interested in helping in the kitchen, so he was excited to get two of the MasterChef Junior Cooking sets to review.

master chef junior cooking set reviewOver the past few years we’ve gotten Goonie a couple different kids cooking sets, but they mostly just include small downsized utensils. But as he grows he needs a set that grows with him, and that’s exactly what the MasterChef Junior Sets do. The utensils are slightly smaller than adult size, but they’re made to fit easily in a child’s hand. The sets come with the tools your child needs to prepare meals on the recipes. For the MasterChef Junior Breakfast set you get a non-skid mixing bowl with spout, an egg cup, a juicer, spatula and a whisk. And for the MasterChef Junior Burger Cooking set a non-kid mixing bowl with handles, a spatula, a cutting board and a burger press. Each set is color coordinated so your child can easily match them up and grab what they need to cook. In every MasterChef Junior cooking set is a set of 10 recipes cards as well, three for each level of cooks: beginner cooks, intermediate cooks and more advanced cooks, plus one additional for adding your own recipe.

What we love about these sets – they’re actual cooking utensils that your children can use for years and can inspire their love of cooking. The sets are not just cheap flimsy ones your kids will easily break, but actual kitchen tools to help start their own kitchen collection. Cooking is a great way to help children learn math and self reliance. After they’re inspired to cook from the latest MasterChef Junior Episode, you may just be amazed at what they’ll whip up in the kitchen.

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