Mary’s Gone Crackers – Organic and Gluten Free Snacks

mary's gone crackers review

mary's gone crackers reviewThere are nights I find myself in need of a snack. Not just something sweet, but something I can munch on and enjoy, while knowing it’s gluten free. Over the years, I’ve tried several different gluten free crackers and snacks – but there’s very few that have stuck around and continue to stay in our cupboard. Mary’s Gone Crackers is a brand that I saw when I first went gluten free years ago, and is still one we trust today. They sent me a selection of their gluten free crackers to try and test out their new flavors.

mary's gone crackers reviewMary’s Gone Crackers began in 1999, when Mary started making her crackers for more than just her friends. They’re a combination of gluten free grain rice, seeds and quinoa that provide the crunch that you’re looking for. Each cracker is full of flavor and crunch and taste great with different meals. They’re a great addition to meals, to bring to parties so you can have something as an alternative to bread, or to even bring to restaurants that you know will give everyone else bread to start.

mary's gone crackers reviewWe were sent a box of the Original, Super Seed, Black Pepper, Onion and Jalapeno Mary’s Gone Crackers. Each have a similar base, but the flavors make each one different. Use them with your favorite cheese, dips, or even grind them up and make a chicken crust with them. While you enjoy your Mary’s Gone Crackers, you’re able to be comforted with the fact that it’s gluten free, organic, non-GMO, Vegan and even kosher! We keep our Mary’s Gone Crackers in the cabinet and in our go back for while we’re on the road – they’re perfect for that last minute snack or when you just need a bit of crunch in your life!


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